Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarah's House Week 9

This week the master bedroom and at first glance I love it! Take a walk through the room with me...

The beautiful chandelier adds romance to the room and the subtle colors create a soothing environment. The one thing I could have done without would have been the 4 poster bed, I just find them intrusive, no matter the size of the room.

Screenshot2010-05-10at100955PM.png picture by mamanzardo

While everything works beautifully together I do have one questions, how many people do you really need to sit in your master bedroom??

Screenshot2010-05-10at101006PM.png picture by mamanzardo   Screenshot2010-05-10at101026PM.png picture by mamanzardo

The decor on the fireplace mantle and the picture arrangement above is simple and elegant.

Screenshot2010-05-10at101057PM.png picture by mamanzardo

Here is what Sarah does best again, a great combination of fun fabrics that most would never think of pairing together. Easy way to add punch to a room.

Screenshot2010-05-10at101044PM.png picture by mamanzardo
All image via HGTV

Overall I really enjoyed this room and this past weeks episode. Makes me want to go out and find some fun fabrics for the new home!!
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