Thursday, November 18, 2010

Foyer tile, what to do, what to do?

Out of frustration with the foyer tile I am SO close to saying 'whatever' and just going with hardwood...I.over.thing.everything. Here are some tiles that I have samples of that I am considering, but none of them are flooring me so to say, get it?

Image via Sarah Richardson

I do love all 3 of these vein cut limestone samples (seen above), a possibility. Since the edges are clean cut we can incorporate a herringbone or a chevron pattern to the foyer & a simple brick pattern for the mud room. And yes, the first 2 are different tiles, I swear!

 Images via Saltillo Tiles

Image via Universal Slate

Or I could go in a completely opposite direction with these random shaped slate pieces from Daltile? the colors may work (haven't seen a sample yet) and the shape would be interesting in the area...

Image via Daltile

I could always fall back on the tumbled travertine that we have now, but I want something new, something fresh, something different. It is a beautiful floor and I still use it quiet a bit with clients, but it isn't falling into the concept I am putting together.

 Image my own

It is so funny to look at the images taken of our current home, I feel like I am wearing a wig, it is just not me anymore, 4 years ago yes, now...not so much. Anyhow, any of these tiles grab you? Have you seen something amazing? Please share, it would be much appreciated!! Oh, and our foyer is the same style as above. Mel xo

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