Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well howdy, wanna come home with me?

While I was out sourcing furniture for a client last week I came across this little guy (walnut & cowhide) by Theodore Alexander...

I think he is going to have to be a staple at our new home. Wouldn't he be fantastic at my desk, perhaps in a corner of the great room, even in the lower level. Oh the possibilities!!! Here are the images that I took of the floor model in the store...

And on that note I am off for a busy day of appointments. Picking up samples for clients, an alternative to the $85 Sq. Ft tile I found for our laundry room that I am obsessed with, and selecting the lighting for the Wexford I house. Hello Starbucks, I will take a grande Americano please. Mel xo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Knock Knock - A stunner with detail

Check out this stunner by Simpson Design Group based in California. I really do love a lot of the features in the home, come along with me and take the tour...

Copper gutters & downspouts oh how I love you.

Attention to detail even under the facia, bliss.

Everyone needs a great pool house, don't they? And the outdoor fireplace, but of course!

Hi beautiful kitchen, think of the wonderful things we could make together. The only thing I would change here are the island lights, I want something with more substance.

The mud room is great, but I want to see more of that skylight on the ceiling, is that what I am seeing??

A quaint sitting area, perfect spot for a game of cards or a great book by yourself.

Seriously, this is divine!

I could get rather comfy on one of those fab pin tucked sofas in front of the fire.

The basement is well put together, not a lot of space but they managed to get a great bar and lounging area. I also love the lighter wood work that helps brighten the darker space.

OK, so I will admit that I am getting to the point of wanting to crawl into my monitor and making myself at home...finger crossed we excavate next week, the suspense is torture! Mel xo

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where to start...

One thing I have learned over the years when selecting materials and colors for an entire home is to start with the counter-top surfaces in the kitchen area, this is usually the core that the rest of the home feeds off of. Typically you are limited to a few options of granites or marbles for use in your kitchen, while the paint fans & stain samples are endless for options.

This really became prevalent with our CURRENT HOME. I just had to have all of our trim & cabinets painted in Pratt & Lambert Lambswool...I tend to be a bit stubborn and this was one prime example.

 Pratt & Lambert Lambswool 11-30

Maybe it was the fact that I was pregnant with M at the time, short on patience, and I just wanted to be in the house. It was a vicious cycle that I started for myself, Lambswool has a gray undertone which made all of my other selections next to impossible. The marble in the bath was an alternative to what I wanted, along with the granite in the kitchen, and the tile back splash, I feel like I settled. Now don't get me wrong, I love the house and the way I turned out, it just wasn't the vision I had.

Image my own

Chalk it up to a learning experience. From now on I meet all of our clients at our granite & marble suppliers warehouse first. We look at the actual slabs (not the small samples), see the movement, pick up a few samples and work off of them. So far it is working way better than it did in the past and I know it is only going to help us create homes that are even more beautiful than we have in the past. Have a good one! Mel xo

Monday, September 27, 2010

Project Updates...

Here are some project updates, make sure your coffee is full, there is a lot going on here...

Wexford 1: SOLD!

This spec home was just sold at the framing stage. The pics below were taken right after the insulation was completed. 

All of the cabinet renderings are finalized and I am meeting with the finisher on site tomorrow to review. Here is what is going to be going on in the Kitchen. It will be lacquered a beautiful crisp white, shaker style cabinet doors, and up to the 10' ceiling. I originally had a more detailed design for the cabinetry but the clients are wanting a more modern look for the home.

We also have all of the interior selections made for the home. All painted white wood work throughout the home, gray stained hardwood throughout the main & upper levels of the home including both staircases. It is going to be one show stopper when it is completed. Below is the granite & backsplash, we are going for a larger format subway style tile but it will be laid in rows, not a brick pattern for something a bit different.


Framing is almost completed, the last thing is the deck which will be done tomorrow. Also the massive retaining wall was poured last week, there is more steel in that wall than some buildings in this city, thank you Mr. Engineer. Here are a couple of images from when they brought out the boom to pour the back wall.

This past Saturday I met with my amazing clients to make their interior selections. FABULOUS is all I have to say, I am really excited to see this home, especially the kitchen come together. They decided on a marble countertop called Manhattan White and with this we found a beautiful marble backsplash that you can see below. It is going to balance so well with the white perimeter cabinets, gray island, and grayish marble. Are you as excited as I am to see this home come together?!?!

Wexford 2: EXCAVATED

This past week we started another home in the community of Wexford. A more modern exterior than the one above. It is going to be quiet stunning with the combination of cedar, stucco, & stone. Here is a front rendering of what will eventually be built.

My head is already gearing up to tackle the interior of this home...hummm, what should I do??? And since there was going to be a big ol' machine on the lot excavating I packed up the boys and took them out to see it, W was ready to try and operate it...not yet little man.


Since we have had a LOT of rain in the past few weeks everyone is behind schedule, mostly the excavators and cribbers, the first two to come and work on the lot. We are planning on breaking ground some time next week, fingers crossed. I have made most of my interior selections already and the windows have been ordered, but that is another post...stay tuned.

Lynx Ridge: WAITING GAME 2

I don't think I have mentioned this home before. It is going to be a gorgeous home. It is a pre-sale and the clients again are a dream (I am so lucky!). We have our permits and now we are just waiting for the excavator to catch up. The clients are very traditional with the style they are wanting, it will be a nice change for me, something I am really looking forward to. Here is a rendering of the exterior of this home, we have added quiet a bit of stone that is not shown on the plan, but this will give you an idea of what is to come.

All Images Property of Veranda Interiors

Whew, can you tell I have had a lot on the go lately?? Busy times and I am not complaining one bit, this is when I thrive and my creativity grows. I am so excited about every single one of these jobs and I know that the clients are going to be blown away with what they will eventually call home. Hope your weekend was filled with sun & fun! Mel xo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Simply Stunning

Image via Houzz

Typically I do not post anything on 'Simply Stunning' but I do want to send out a BIG thank you to Paula from Two Ellie. Why?? Well, I just happen to be the lucky poster on her amazing blog that won a fab gift from her towards cards at Minted. Thank you again Paula, this is going to make my Holiday Cards the best yet!!! Now, if you do not read or follow her blog I suggest you make your way over there and see what you are missing out on. 

Happy weekend!! Mel xo

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fridays Favorite - Fall

Fall, oh how I LOVE fall!! I could go on and on about everything that gets me excited about it, but here are just a few...

Fall leafs, the changing on the season, the smell in the air, the crunching under your feet...

Image Vermont Living

Cozy sweaters, scarfs, jeans, & boots...

Image via Web

A fire and a beautiful bottle of wine with my hubby...

Image via The Inn

Finally, a little Steve Tyrell in the background to sing along to...

Image via

So tell me, what is your favorite thing or things about this time of the year? Mex xo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Home Show...

Rob & I decided to go to the local home show yet again. So what did I see or find that I am excited about you ask? Well, let me tell you...

I have posted this image a few times on this blog. It is my inspiration for our next bathroom since the layout is almost identical to our own ensuite. I will be adding more color to the room but the thing I love about this room are the leaded glass inserts in the windows. Since we are on an acreage and there is no one, minus the random deer or moose, to peer in I do not want heavy blinds or drapes. I found a great artist that had a small display; 3 week turn around time, price point of $75+ per Sq. Ft., and they will do whatever I design.

 Image via DecorPad

Our current causal dining table looks like it has been through a war zone (thank you boys). It is something I am in the market for with the next home. I want need something rustic with a solid top...NO LEAFS, and a lighter tone. Well, look what I found.
This = Could be very good!

Image via Fresh Country

Finally, something in the Phantom Screen display caught my eye. The retractable screen walls may be perfect for the area below that we have on our deck. It is a covered area with an outdoor fireplace, but the main issue we are going to have is the fight for territory on the deck with the mosquitoes in the summer & the cool breeze during the spring & fall months. 
This = Halla...if we can make it work with our current design. 

Image property of Veranda Interiors

Image via Phantom Screen

Overall it wasn't an utter waste of time...and with all of this rain we are getting it isn't like we are busy getting all of these house in the ground. Hello mother nature, please get your act together. Mel xo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Knock Knock - Corman House

So pretty much everything that Tracery Interiors does is perfection. Well, I stumbled upon the architect that does a good amount of work with them, Dungan Nequette. Join me in this tour of the Corman Residence, it is so lovely...I am thirsty for more!


All Images via Dougan Nequette

Isn't it lovely? If it had a cedar roof it would have been a 10 out of 10, but I still give it a 9.98 ;) Mel xo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haunted House, how to...

I posted last week about the start of our Halloween decor and my favorite item...the haunted house I made. Once it is up in the foyer they boys know that trick or treating is just around the corner.

Since I made this a few years ago before a blog was even a concept for me I didn't take progress images, but I will try to give you all the details so you can create your own as well. The first thing that you will need to decide on is what doll house kit to use, 
for my project I used the Arthur Dollhouse Kit

I had Rob cut a piece of MDF that was 4" bigger than the size of the dollhouse so I had room to decorate. Once you have that you can start off by building the house and getting it all set up. When it is dry start to get it all ready for the Halloween season by painting it. I used an orange base paint and then used diluted black paint on top to give it a 'dirty' look.

When placing the shutters around the windows put them on crooked, make it look dilapidated and worn. That is what would scare you away from a home, isn't it? For the shingled I stained them with the diluted black paint as well for a weathered look. Add a bit of moss to the corners with a glue gun and let the scary factor grow.

For the base of the house use a glue gun to place more moss around for the ground. Along with moss I added twigs to the roof and the sides of the home. A place like Michale's has some small Halloween items that are perfect for this project where they keep the Halloween villages, I managed to pick up the little trees and a few skeletons from there.

Check out THIS site for some fun Halloween items to add to the surroundings. Pumpkins, headstones, spooky skeletons. This is where you can really make it your own!

So that is the low down on the haunted house that graces our foyer every year, I hope that you take on the challenge of making one yourself. It is sure to be a crown pleasure and something children will look forward to seeing year after year.

Some readers left comments last week asking about some of the items that I had sprinkled throughout our home. HERE is a link to the crows; they are great heavy card stock and can be used year after year.

The bats that are on all of our mirrors, most of our windows, and even the lights above our island can be purchased HERE. And I have searched on-line for the vintage looking tin posters, but I am not finding any. I did pick them up a few years ago at HomeSense, similar to Home Goods in the States.

And then the fun two black glittered chandeliers that I have above our kitchen sink can be found HERE. I hope that this gets you ready to get your home all spookified!!!

We really do embrace Halloween here, it will be hard to let go and I know the boys are going to miss it next year. Since we are moving from a suburban neighborhood to an acreage there will be no trick or treaters, or 'spookies' as W calls them. We will still do it up and have fun, but I will admit this is the one thing I will miss...all of the neighbor kids coming up to the door and screeching 'TRICK OR TREAT!'. 

I hope the new owners of our home embrace the fun that can be had. It doesn't take much, just a few spider webs, a fog machine, strobe lights, scary music,
lots of pumpkins, and tons of candy.

And of course some fun and festive characters that make themselves
at home during the season.

All Images via Veranda Interiors

OK, I will stop being all sentimental...for now. Have a great day and get the decor ready!! Mel xo

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