Monday, June 6, 2011


Tomorrow is the day, it is moving day already!!

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It was a long road, a ton of tears, a few 'marital discussions', lots of sleepless nights, and WAY too much take-out with not enough wine. But we are here, we are at the end. There is still a bit to do and items to be installed but it will come together. It is hard to believe that a year ago we were looking like this...

I must say that without all of you and all of the amazing blogs I read on a daily basis this house would not have been half of what it was. The amount of inspiration that I have come across since I started this blog just blows my mind. All of you are so insanely talented, have the BEST ideas, and make me want to be better at what I do. I also found if I put an idea or a concept down and published it I felt the need to follow through rather than trowing in the towel when I got frustrated, key example, M's paint by number mural (more to come on that).

Our trades are amazing, simply amazing! We are so lucky to have worked with most of them for at least 8 years and some as long as 20 years (going back to the Hubs dad). They worked through some tough elements. Framing in -30 degree weather, roofing during a snow storm, and trying to find space to build our cabinetry while we had piles of other trades in the home at the same time. 

I made endless amounts of cookies, lunches for when they worked the weekends, and too many trips to Tim Hortons to count. 'I'll take 2 Take Tens and 2 dozen assorted donuts please.' I love you Timmys but I am burnt out on you and am quiet happy that I don't need to sit in the drive through again for a bit.

I have to admit, I am loving our new home, but I am already thinking of the next one. The life of a builder I say. So keep the amazing ideas coming fellow bloggers, I have to think of some killer ways to outdo myself on the next one! And please bare with me over the next week, I have A LOT of unpacking to do and work to catch up on so my post may be few & far between.

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But do not worry, I will still have plenty to share with all of you. We have 3 amazing inner city modern homes that we are putting the finishing touches on along with an additional pre-sale for another inner city home that will be more along the transitional lines. Oh, and 2 new showhomes we are currently designing. Here is a preview of 2 of the 5 inner city exteriors.

Now if y'all have some free time come on over and help me unpack. I pay in coffee, food, & wine!! Mel xo
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