Back 2 Basics: White Subway Tile

I can’t tell you how many bathrooms I use a simple white subway tile in & I have been thinking…it is time to use this for a kitchen again. I always get caught up in the stunning stone, glass, mosaic, VERY expensive tiles for the backsplashes. Why not go back to the basic and the well priced item?
via De Giulio Kitchens
You can mix it up a bit by running one row vertically along the bottom, an easy way to jazz things up.
via MidWest Living
Even though this detail (that I am loving) is out of painted brick you could easily get the same effect with tile.
via My Ideal Home
Carry it throughout, even the hood. This allows the windows and amazing lighting to take center stage.
via Kitchen Lab
Love the use of the tile on this massive wall in the Kitchen of the Year by House Beautiful. The contrast to the cabinets and those killer Visual Comfort French Library Double Wall Lights…adore.
via House Beautiful
Again, so many things going on in this kitchen, this is a great example of how the simplicity of the backsplash helps to pull it all together. Anything else would have been a distraction.
via House Beautiful
Going up, up, up to the ceilings. Also, take a good look and notice the small square tiles that they used every 5 rows to add some character.
via Tumbler
If you want to have fun…use black grout, not white or grey.
via Pinterest
And this one, I just love everything about this image…L-O-V-E
via La Dolce Vita
I am keeping this in mind for Altadore, this might help those killer vibrant brushed bronze faucets by Kohler (which killed the budget) take center stage. Hope your weekend was wonderful!! Mel xo