Monday, February 28, 2011

Wide plank flooring...

I posted this while I was away on accident, so I wanted to re-publish it with an update...

Wide plank flooring, a must have for me in the new home. It is something that I wanted in our last home that we built 5 years ago, but being in Canada we seem to be a bit behind the times and it was pretty much impossible to come across then. Now there are tons of options. Is it the best choice for our climate? Simply no. With the lack of humidity we will be having a lot of separation between the boards but I am OK with least I say I am now, only time will truly tell.
 Image via GardenWeb

Reclaimed, distressed, maple, oak, hickory, walnut, cherry, fir....soooo many decision. This needs to be finalized asap so we can order our stairs and it would be nice to select carpet as well. So far we have the 11 samples below, it will be finished on site so I also need to get on a stain color. The one thing I know for sure, I will never EVER have dark hardwood again, at least not with little ones running around. I am leaning towards a wood that will work well with a medium stain color, I want some depth but not the deep dark floors we had previously.

We are pretty sure we are going to be using varying widths for the planks, I am thinking 6" & 8" combination or possibly even a 4", 6", & 8" combination, just another decision that I will mull over for way too long. Here are some images that made the decision for wide plank oh too easy...

 Image via My Home Ideas

 Image via Decor Pad

 Image via Houzz

Along with picking a wood that will allow me to have the color I want is also selecting a wood that is durable enough to withstand 2 small boys, a husband, and my 'Shoes on Party' philosophy. Before we had Jatoba flooring, this my friends was pretty much indestructible but it has was too much red in it for my liking.

 Image my own

When we are trying to find the right fit for us I am using the Janka Hardness Scale as a resource. This ranks hardwood flooring on a scale, from 380 (Eastern White Pine) to 3684 (Brazilian Walnut). We are leaning towards Hickory (1820), much softer than the Jatoba (2350) that we had before but also a lot more durable than the Fir (660) that seems to be so popular up here right now.

Image via Tracery Interiors

While the rustic and hand-scraped looks are 'in' right now it is not up my ally. I think this is only going to date homes that are incorporating this look and to be honest, I find a lot of the hand-scraped floors have a plastic look to them. I still prefer the clean simple look of a beautifully finished on site flooring, and yes, finished on site if the budget allows is the way to go, but a pre-finished vs. on-site debate discussion is a completely different post.

 Image via EcoTimber

Update: We have decided to go with 6 & 8" Hickory floors. The wood coming out of the mills right now is just beautiful. With the gray undertones the wood naturally has I know it will be the perfect choice for us. Here is one final image that made the decisions easy, it is from the JCrew store on Madison Ave in NYC, hickory done in a chevron Now, am I gutsy enough to go with that color?

A lot going on here today, our front door has passed through customs and is being delivered/installed today (oh I hope I like it!!) as well I need to get on my finishing information for Wexford II, can't wait to share with you what is going on in that home! Mel xo

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simply Stunning

Image via unknown

Happy weekend!!! Mel xo

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fridays Favorite - A song

This one is special and very dear to me. I am sharing with you a song sang by my amazingly talented nephew Andrew. It is a rendition of Hallelujah that he sang with my beautiful sister in law, and his mother, Kari.

Andrew got into music in his tween years and I still remember when I realized he had 'it'. Late into our wedding reception when things were dying down he sat in-front of the bands equipment, picked up a guitar and came alive. Playing AC/DC and shocking all of our friends with his amazing talent way back when. Now he is wowing all of us again with this song and his other new songs that he has written, played guitar on, and sang on. They can be checked out on his Facebook page HERE (be sure to 'like' him so you can keep up to speed).

Andrew, we are all so proud of you and the amazing voice and talent you have been given. You make your favorite aunt proud (and I know I am your favorite, you don't need to tell me)!! Missi xo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Knock Knock - Notre Dame Apartment

A dear friend and her family are off traveling around Paris right now for a short time, and yes, while we just got back from Maui, my tan is fading and I am already day dreaming of a European trip. Wouldn't this amazing apartment in Notre Dame be an amazing place to call home while visiting?

I would love to travel with another couple or two, pick up some amazing fresh produce at the local market and create a feast for us to enjoy on this patio.

Oh, and don't forget the wine...many bottles would be consumed here.

This looks like the perfect spot to unwind after a long day of walking the streets and possibly too much shopping.

The beams, stone wall, hardwood floor...the love pillow says it all.

It looks like all of the finishing details were thought of, from the bright fresh flowers to the fun chandelier over the dining table.

And the perfect place to soak my tiered feet after a long day of exploring the museums, and possibly a boutique or two.

Anyone want to join me?? Mel xo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our trip to Maui

Our trip to Maui this year was fantastic, we had the best weather we have ever had there, the boys enjoyed the sun and sand, and the Hubs and I enjoyed some great time together since our FAB sitter Rachel came out for a week. Here are just a few pics I wanted to share with all of you.

 My favorite spot on Maui, a view of Kahakuloa.

 The shots of my boys that I adore.

In Lahina Harbor and a surfer going out on Fleming Beach.

 At the Old Lahina Luau.

Our attempts at a family pic, many fails and one decent one. The boys are not the most cooperative, only 1 decent family picture, I think this was the 6th or so attempt.

Our last couple of sunsets on Maui. A favorite thing to do is drive down the highway and find a beach on the side of the road. Typically we are the only ones there, so we can enjoy the sound of the surf while we watch the sun lower itself down for an evening of rest.

One of our absolute favorite restaurants on Maui, Mala. The tuna bruschetta, roasted beat & mac nut crusted goat cheese salad, and the 'best burger of my life' as per the Hubs, a Kobe beef burger with blue cheese and smoked bacon. The perfect lunch after a morning at the beach. Be sure to make reservations for lunch & dinner. It is small, packed, and has a huge following. I wish we could have gone back one more time, but I should be content with the 5 visits we did indulge in on this trip.

If you have never been to Maui put it on your bucket list. Like I mentioned in THIS post it already feels like our second home. Over the last 8 years we have met wonderful people & discovered amazing beaches...I can't wait till it is time to go back again! I have that feeling, the feeling like I was never gone, I think that is my least favorite thing about returning home, feeling like it was a dream. Mel xo

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project Updates...

So a LOT has happened since my last post of Project Updates. I guess the mice did work when the cat was away.

Lynx Ridge

OK, I am going to be honest, I was too chicken to get out and take pictures, so these were done from the comfort of my car...I'm not climatized yet! The framing should be wrapped up this week, all of the windows are in, and the tin bashers (heating guys) are scheduled for early next week. At this point I need to get on the ball with my mill work drawings for this home, expect very traditional, all wood, and the opposite of everything you have seen from me lately.

Wexford II

Drywall is finished and the taping has begun. The hardwood installers are moving into the house once that is completed and they will be laying the 6" hickory that I decided on for this home. We have yet to put this project on the market, we are thinking we will wait till we are a good way through the finishing level so it shows well.

Foyer & great room, if it looks familiar is should, it is our old home plan with a modern vibe. As they say 'If it aint broke don't fix it'.

 Closed maple stringer open riser staircase and a view from the master bedroom entry.

Our House

Quiet a bit has happened here on the exterior & interior. 
- The cedar pergolas on the front are completed (minus the custom arches that are being fabricated)
- The roof is finished, & no, the Hubs didn't surprise me with a cedar roof
- The basement has been framed and roughed-in
- The staircases have been delivered & installed
- Drywallers are working their way through the house as I type 
I also got our notice that our front door has shipped and is currently being processed through excited to see this go in!!

View of the stairs leading to the upper level and the foyer ceiling detail.


Kitchen & nook area with revised bow window framing & great room.

 Hallway in master that leads to the 'His & Hers closets' and the area that will house my work space & a pic of my walk-in closet with one of my beloved oval windows (big plans for this space, will share soon!).

2 of the 3 additional rooms on the upper level, not sure which little guy will be in which room, but I just love the vaulted ceilings that we incorporated into all of the rooms.

Next step for this home is to finalize all of the tile work, nail down a carpet for the bedrooms & stair runner, railing, stone, colors, trim items, doors...oh dear, I have some work to do!

Work is going to be crazy for the next few week, tying up loose ends from our trip, making final selections for our house, and getting our clients drawings and selection process going. Hope you stick around to see what becomes of all of this!! Mel xo

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