Monday, July 18, 2011

Missing home

I will admit that I am missing our new home. While we have been gone the landscaping has started, more lights have arrived and been hung, and all of our window seat cushions have been delivered...I wanna see!!! The hubs flew home yesterday for the week to get 3 of the new homes going (development permits, building permits, yadi yadi ya) so I know I can count on him to snap some poor quality iPhone images for me. Just looking forward to getting back and decorating the spaces, including our main level hallway below that I adore. The black passage doors with transoms above make me smile...

OK, I am off to start the nursery for my soon to be born niece, did you all know that she is the first girl born into our family in 18 years?! Can you say princess? Mel xo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Focal point at the cabin...

While we are at the cabin (which some have asked, it is in Missouri on Tablerock Lake) I can get restless with the decor. Since we are only here 2 months a year and plan on tearing this one down in a few years to rebuild I need to keep my ideas creative & on the cheap. The wall below is the first thing you see when you walk-in the front door. Originally I had wanted a nice console table but the thought of having to store an additional item while we rebuild wasn't appealing. Once I saw the growth chart below on Etsy I knew I had my starting point for a great wall design.

I ended up ordering one of these growth carts for the cabin and also for our main home. It will be fun to watch the lines go up as the boys grow. If you are interested in one for your home you can find them HERE, just send a note or subscribe to her feed to know when they are available.

 Since we always refer to this time of the year as 'lake life' I decided to pick up the zinc letters from Anthropologie so we could spell it out on the walls.

A trip to Target to pick up some simple frames and I had the finishing touch.

This wall makes me smile every time I see it and that is key when decorating. Do what makes you, how long till I am ready to change it? Have a safe & fun weekend!! Mel xo

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vesta Accents

So, when I mentioned my brothers new amazing adventure the other day this is what I was talking about, Vesta Precast Accents & the Vesta Room. The Vesta Room was designed to hold small functions and also to showcase the products that Vesta Precast Accents produces. Here is a bit of a tour of the stunning space (with my ghetto photography skills).

Upon entering you are greeted by a large space that is welcoming, calming, and serene. With music flowing over the speakers and slight incense in the air you just want to sit down and soak up the environment.

Towards the back of the space there is a large monkey wood table that seats 14. The wall tiles are from the line that they are producing, a cone shaped design that surrounds the fireplace. We are planing on using this application in one of the upcoming homes in is just awesome in person.

One the left side of the room there is an amazing kitchen that is ready for a chef to create when functions are being held. Complete with a 60" Wolf range, Sub Zero fridge, & double Wolf ovens this kitchen is a dream come true. 

To showcase the Vetsa products in this space the wall oven surround is done with a cast tile, one of the many items that they produce.

Attention to detail is throughout this space, including the bathrooms. Love the use of the extra flooring they had leftover for the wall design.

Along with the wall tiles they are making there is a long list of other items including custom designed mantles like the one below...

The door surround & even the baseboards throughout are also cast in concrete...

Numerous items that can be used inside or outside of the home can easily withstand the elements are on display. From the tiles & mantles above, to faux coral flooring, corbels, and the wall plaques below, the options are endless. Different finishes are available and they are constantly coming up with new designs and ideas.

There is a full time talented artist that is on staff and she has one amazing space to work in, talk about a creative environment to work in!

Eventually this space that is adjacent to the studio will be the showroom with all of the items on display.

Connected to the Vesta Room is the warehouse and manufacturing facility. Storage of all of the cast products are stored in this area and as well, all of the items are produced here, with the help of my handsome nephew.

 Faux wood parking blocks on the left, looking forward to more items using this details. And on the right and assortment of corbels.

 One of my favorite mantles that was just cast on the left and the Hubs checking out the warehouse on the right.

 Amazing, right? Both the Hubs and I are excited to start incorporating these items in some of the upcoming projects that we have, but I will admit, it makes me want to rebuild for ourselves too! To keep track of what is going on with Vesta Precast Accents be sure to like them on Facebook HERE. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and I can't wait to see what they continue to come up with!! Mel xo

Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Than A Village...

I went to high school with two of the 4 amazing people that this is story is about. One is the wonderful man that with left Missouri to attended West Point Academy then later served in the Iraq war. The other is his sister who is now helping his dream come true.

This short video talks about the documentary that Edward McDonald is trying to raise funds for. Please take a moment to watch.

If you would like to help Edward make this film happen please stop by here to see what you can do. Hope all of you have an amazing weekend, I am off to get ready for my entire family, all 22 of them, to invade the cabin for the weekend!! Mel xo

Friday, July 8, 2011

Still here...

I know I have been gone for some time now but I have been enjoying the long hot summer days with my boys at our cabin right here.

Lots of time playing on the boat, laying on the hammock, and next to the fire at the end of the day. I have quiet a few amazing things to share with you soon including a nursery design for my soon to be born niece, a few areas I am mixing up around the cabin, and an AMAZING new project my brother has taken on, seriously AMAZING! Keep your eye peeled for those and much more. Mel xo
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