Friday, October 28, 2011


I need is just that simple. This has been a crazy crazy week and it is already Friday!! We are turning the Lynx Ridge home over the the clients this afternoon, we were there all day yesterday dealing with last minute items and also having the home photographed (so excited to share those with you). Between that, too many client meetings to count, numerous proposals being done up, and oh yeah...the flu. Did ya know I got sick and had to cancel my trip home to Missouri, insert sad face here. This girl is spent and wants nothing more than a day in a bed or room that looks like this...

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So excuse me while I take some time to catch my breath...there are a lot of exciting jobs coming down the pipe and I can't wait to share them with you. Happy weekend all!! Mel xo

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Arteriors knocked it out of the park...

With High Point happening we are starting to see the stellar new items by some amazing suppliers. One that has me tickled pink is Arteriors, the new items are just amazing and I know a couple of the fixtures below will be finding a home in an upcoming project soon!!

 Sheldon 3 light with painted gold interior

Tilda 5 light

Sherman 6 light (ADORE)

Savory Polished Brass

Raine Vintage Pendant

You can expect to see some of these make an appearance in our Altadore projects, so fresh & fun, don't you think? If you are interested in any of the items in the post or another Arteriors product please drop me a note, I would love to help you select the right item! Mel xo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pretty Pretty 5

Shiny & clear, adore...

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Mel xo

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pretty Pretty 4

Adore the tub splash & mirror...

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Mel xo

Sunday, October 23, 2011

7 years

Happy 7th hubby.

I love you.
wife xo

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pretty Pretty 3

Oh the symmetry, pretty pretty!

via House & Home

Mel xo

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pretty Pretty 2

For the holidays...

via Southern Living

Mel xo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pretty pretty 1

I am heading back to Missouri tomorrow to visit the family and my new baby niece, so over the next few days I'm going to be posting pretty pretty images, don't want to leave you all hanging till I get back & caught up on work! Enjoy & I'll be back soon...

via Brooks & Falotico

Mel xo

Monday, October 17, 2011

HomeSense finds...

So you know when you go shopping and you either find nothing or a massive amount of awesomeness? Well, last week was filled with awesomeness for me, here is a peek at what I snagged from HomeSense this past week...

So recall this post? Well, one of my BFF's found a horse painting for me at HomeSense, when I went to see it I knew it was not for me, but right next to it was the beauty below. My hear skipped a beat, it was huge, just over 5' tall, PERFECTION, and a decent price of $400. But alas, on hold for someone else. I happened to be out for dinner that night with the wonderful Erica from Moth Design, she understood my obsession. So we called the store right before they were closing and YIPEE they didn't come back to purchase it. I was outside of the store at 8:50am the next morning freezing my bum off, I had to be the first one in the door so I could buy it...after how much sleep I lost the night before I might have had a meltdown if it wasn't mine. Sorry, that was longer than expected, but seriously, I went through a lot to get it!

BTW, if you love it and can't find one at HomeSense you could always pay $500 US for it from Z Gallerie. Makes me love it even more knowing I paid less!

Loving my quartz bookends ($17 each) I just need some fab books, ha!

Scooped up this great silver tray Erica picked out for me ($25), did I mention she is such a dear and met me at HomeSense to see the painting in person. Seriously...she is awesome.

Here is a new friend that will be placed in the mud room, total score for only $24!

Needed a new tray to hold my soaps at the kitchen sink ($25), this one is the perfect size and it compliments the faucet perfectly.

Finally I have Christmas on the mind, so I already have some great plans for these once the decor starts going up in the house ($14 each).

The house is coming together and these items are making it feel like home. Hope your weekends was amazing!! Mel xo

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm excited now...

I'll admit, my holiday decorating is not going up as fast as it usually does. By September 15th I have the house filled with fall & Halloween decor and Christmas starts going up November 1. I have been so focused on getting things up on the walls, holes filled, & items places that I have yet to add one glimpse of festive decor. But let me tell you, the second my eyes saw these images I was geared up. Yes, I know it is Christmas but sometimes you just need inspiration to get you moving again!

via At Home in Arkansa

So first step Halloween then bring on to the glitter filled Christmas decor! Mel xo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Caviar never looked so good...

Loving the Caviar collection by Arteriors, need to find a client to use one of these ASAP. Here is a little peek at the line...

{18 light}

{8 light}

(small, medium, & large pendant}

{fixed staggered 7 light}

Now if you ask me those are yummy lights! Would love to incorporate one of them, OK, a few, into some upcoming homes. Hint hint clients!! If you are interested in any of the lights in this post please drop me a line for pricing. Mel xo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Altadore I: A few selections

Please excuse me while I take some time to get all of the mill-work drawings wrapped up for Altadore I. I have a meeting with the electrician later this afternoon so this girl has Thought I would share some additional items that will be gracing this home.

Visual Comfort Ziyi Chandelier (but in antique brass) for the powder room

Visual Comfort Boston Functional Double Arm wall light for the kitchen

Visual Comfort Milton wall light for the master bathroom

Visual Comfort Graydon light for the main bathroom

*If you are interested in any lights from Visual Comfort feel free to contact me for a quote*

 Viking appliance package including a 30" sealed burner gas range, hood vent that is leading the fun design/layout of this room, and a 36" French door fridge/freezer.

{door hardware}
Here are the options I am contemplating.
Emtek Bristol knob but with a French Antique (antique brass) finish back-plate

Emtek Milano lever in French Antique with a rectangular back-plate

This is all going to mesh together to create an incredible space, I will share some kitchen sketches with you later. Too excited about this one to keep quiet!!

The above image was snapped from my phone when we were done with our pictures yesterday, it is just one of the amazing locations Maria found for us. And yes, we did belly crawl under that gate, I felt like such a rebel, HA. I am so excited to see all of the pics, especially the ones she shot with her medium format film camera...yep, you read that right, film. Back to basics people! Enjoy your day!!! Mel xo

Monday, October 10, 2011

Family Pictures

Tomorrow we are having our family photos done with the insanely talented Maria Lang. This will be our 5th time working with Maria and I am so excited, minus the fact that I still have no idea what any of us are going to wear, YIKES! Here are a few of my all time favorite images that Maria has take...

Her adorable son

 One of my besties little ones

 A photographer friend of hers

Her sweet sweet little girl

 Yours truly with the Hubs and W

M with my parents last summer

W with my father

 My boys

Here are some of my favorite wedding images from Maria...

As you can see from the images above she is a true talent and I feel so fortunate to have her document our lives for us. If you are ever lucky enough to meet her in person you will see that she is also one of the sweetest, nicest, and beautiful person you will encounter. Until then be sure to check out her blog & website to view more of her work. Looking forward to sharing the images with you...but right now this girl has some shopping to do! Mel xo

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