Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Over the hill & through the woods...

That is where I am today, in the blog world and in the real world. First off I am visiting with Toby over at Because It's Awesome, because, well, she is awesome & from Missouri!
Here is a little peek at what I am chatting about on Toby's blog today...
And secondly we are off to Missouri for the holidays. I will be a few hours south of Toby in good ol' Springfield but I would love to meet up with her pretty face one day, maybe this summer! Hope you are ready for the last few days of the year and if not, put on the coffee and get movin, I know I need too. Mel xo

Monday, December 19, 2011

My house: Holiday Decor

Better late than never, right? Well, I finally got around to snapping a few pics of our holiday decor for this year. Last year I posted pics from our old home during the holidays, we built essentially the same floor plan, just much larger but decorating it was difficult since my decor and style has changed so much since then. I kept it on the minimalist side this time around & I have to admit I kinda liked it!

My amazing sister that was visiting from Dallas, the one behind this, flew up to help with our party she also did the front door for me (she hates the cold so this was a big deal), it turned out amazing and makes the entrance so much more welcoming. The urns I quickly tossed together using a combination of fresh evergreen clippings, white birch branches, and tons of gold berry sprays.
 The dusting of snow we just had gives the front a winter wonderland feeling. I even had to toss up some lights & garland on the exterior fireplace, the fire was roaring the entire night of the party and this is where it ended at 4am...I was a bit tiered the next day.

I decided to go all gold with this tree, I wanted a warm color that invited people into the home. There was still tons of whimsy going on, from my twisted icicles, to the curly gold glittery branches, & the gold balls on top...even some of my girlfriends ended taking items off and adding them to their hair! 
 {Great Room}
I had fun with this space, little areas here & there, fresh greens & flowers, then the mantle. I kept the real tree simple, just tons & tons of white lights, nothing else, I wanted the rest of the space to take center stage.

For the mantle I used the cheap/fake garland, mixed in tons of clear lights, added some crystallized branches, leaded glass & silver ornaments then a massive amount of fresh clippings to give it a more natural feel...I am so in love this this spot, I can't stop staring at it!
{Powder Room}
Every room needs a little something here and there, it can even be as simple as a small floral arrangement flanked by fresh greenery & an ornament.

Little tid bits here and there, from hanging mercury glass ornaments in the transoms to the Byers' Choice carolers hanging out on my window sill, I have sprinklings of the holidays throughout this space.

Besides the transoms & wainscoting my Arteriors Sabine lamp makes me smile every time I walk towards this space. 

{Dining Room}
This is one of my most cherished trees, it helps me display my collection of Christopher Radko ornaments. I have been collecting these for years and every one represents something special, from our wedding to spending New Years Eve of 2000 in Times Square, this tree has my life covered!

Did you really think I would forget my pantry?!
So that is most of the house & most of the decor, I have been so busy party planing and now on recovery mode while trying to pack to head down to Missouri I feel like I am lacking a bit, so for that I apologize. Hope you enjoyed what I did share, and here are a few from the shindig we had on Friday, thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with us...can't wait to do it again next year!

{With my girls, 15 years of laughter}

 {The hubs & I}

 {My sister, AKA the helper}

So on that note I wish all of you a wonderful and happy holiday season, may the laughter be loud and may the joy be carried on to 2012! Mel xo

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Around this house...

It has been a whirl wind, we were in Dallas last week for Thanksgiving, I had my 30th (again) birthday, managed a bout of food poisoning, and Operation Glitter in in full effect at our house. Here are a few peeks at what is going on around here besides all that...

My birthday present to myself. Who knew a blanket could make a whole room perfect?! Then again anything Hermés makes anything perfect.

Snagged this pretty black & polished chrome telescope at HomeSense the other night, it fills up this corner of our great room perfectly!

I brought back the wallpaper from the States, by 9am install will be underway in the mud room, can.not.wait!

And here are some peeks at Operation Glitter, I will be doing a full holiday post once I get it all done.

Lots going on and this girl has to run, enjoy your weekend & happy December!!! Mel xo
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