In Ten with Marianne from Style For Living

Marianne from Style For Living has such a refined style and this post is just another example of the classic designs that she in inspired by and produces herself (her office…stunning). Hope you enjoy this little treat from her and thank you again so much my dear, sending you a big Aloha from the island of Maui!!!
First off, I cannot tell you how much I wish I was in Maui right now!  I have no doubt Melissa is having the best time.  I guess we’ll all have to live vicariously through her for now!  I am completely honored to be here today sharing my Top 10 with you all.  My Top 10 list includes must haves for my dream home.  One can dream, non?

A classic and timeless exterior.  I adore painted brick, the detailed railing, gravel drive, hanging lanterns and the boxwoods in pretty pots.  You could say I L.O.V.E. it all!
An open and inviting entry.  My current house is only one story, so I dream of having an open foyer and grand staircase.  Aren’t the paneled walls gorgeous?!  I think so.
A relaxing retreat.  Once again, classic elements in soothing neutral colors.  So me!
via Loony

I love the idea of a bunk room.  I could see my niece having friends hang out in here or even a fun place for out of town guests.  Who am I kidding??? …  I wouldn’t mind hanging out in here with my stack of favorite design magazines and a cup of tea!
via Veranda

A nice big walk-in shower.  Who doesn’t want one of these!  I especially LOVE the window!  This shower is perfection in my book!
An outdoor pool with a charming pool house.  Living in Seattle is not the most ideal place to have an outdoor pool, but it’s my dream house and I’ll hire someone to take care of it!  Perfect for our small handful of hot summer days.  Seriously, it’s only a handful… so sad.
A warm and cozy breakfast nook.  Wish I had room for this in my current home!  The wing chairs are incredible and look so comfortable.  I’m really drawn to the black walls and cabinets, too.  Yes, please!
An herb garden.  Since I love to cook, I’d love a space like this to go and get fresh herbs anytime I need them.  I guess I could do this at my current house, but I haven’t done it yet.
via Daily Mail UK

A well appointed and much larger kitchen than I already have.  How great are these built in shelves showcasing copper cookware!?  Divine!
And, the #1 element to my dream house…
A detached design studio to work in!  I do work from home now, but I’m starting to outgrow my office space.  I dream of building something charming like this!  One day, my friends, one day.
I hope you enjoyed my tour and I guess I’d better go out and buy a lottery ticket, pronto!
Thank you again, Melissa for having me here today!  This was so much fun to put together!  xo