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Me, myself, & I along with the In Ten series is so excited to have Anne-Marie from 10 Rooms as the guest today. She has created a stunning post (every post she does for 10 Rooms has amazing detail) and even a yummy yummy recipe for an amazing body scrub…how awesome is that?! Thank you so much Anne-Marie and I am excited to try out this scrub for myself when we get back!
Bonjour Veranda readers!

 Before I dive into my top ten,
just wanted to say thank you to Melissa for having me over as a guest – 
I love the aesthetic of her blog, and am jazzed to contribute.
February is high time for a vacation…
it seems like everyone is jetting off to somewhere where rum is more plentiful than water these days…
so how about ten ways to bring home a little beachy vibe for those of us still living winter?

When I think summer, I’m not such a seashell and sky blue type,

 but more inclined to crave quirky bits and a happy kaleidoscope of colour.

How do flowers, happy chic furnishings, sunglasses, graphic crazy quilts, polka dots,
sorbet nails, pink hunters, naps in the sunshine, sangria and floaty floral chiffon couture gowns sound?

and if none of those work for you, although I’m not sure how that could ever happen 🙂
 try this one for a little summer euphoria –
a nourishing sugar scrub that moisturizes your skin from head-to-toe,
and the smell?


1/3 cup sea salt
1 cup sugar
 1/2 cup coconut oil
2-3 tablespoons of almond oil
1 tablespoon vitamin e (optional, to skip just use more of the other oils)
a few drops of lavender essential oil

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Thanks again for having me over, Melissa –
hope you and yours are having a fantabulous vacation –
and looking forward to seeing a little Veranda magic over at 10 Rooms in a month or so!

x Anne-Marie