Friday, March 2, 2012

Peek at Hillhurst final images & I'm tagged!

 I have received a few images from the shoot that we had done at the Hillhurst project, I wanted to give you all a peek inside the finished home as it is a stunner. Don't worry, I will be sharing TONS more, but please remember if you do use the images kindly link back to was a lot of work.

images by photo bliss

Yeah, so I have a TON more to share but you will just have to wait until I have the time and properly go through them and discuss them with you. Next week I promise. ;)

Yesterday I got a sweet little note from a wonderful blogger friend (that I CAN'T wait to meet in person), Tracey Ayton, photographer extraordinaire! She was tagged and had then decided to tag myself and 10 other bloggers, so here you go!

1. What is your favorite all time song?
Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones
2. Do you prefer to cook or bake?
Hard one...I think I would have to pick cooking, but I really love baking too! This is the same a picking a favorite child, ha!
3. What is your favorite flower?
 Ranunculus by far, I wish I could have an endless supply in my home.

4. Tell me the coolest store in the world that you know of so that I can one day go visit it.
 I think that is going to have to go to my favorite show store that I used to frequent weekly when I lived in NYC, Otto Tootsi Plohound, on 5th Ave between 20th & 21st. The most amazing selection of shoes least that was the case way back in the day.

5. What was your biggest accomplishment in 2011?
Finishing our new home without divorcing my husband.

6. What inspires you most?
My goals, I have a list up in my office and look at them every single day, I know what I want to accomplish professionally and seeing them keeps me motivated and inspired to keep pushing the envelope.

7. Do you have a flight booked right now? If so where?
I just booked flights for myself & Eric from Moth Designs to head to NYC in May for Blog Fest 2012, can't wait!!

8. Why do you blog?
Honestly, to keep track of my thoughts and ideas, I am a scatterbrain and blogging has helped me stay a bit more organized. 

9. Which do you prefer? Milk or dark chocolate?
Dark for sure, in fact Green & Blacks dark chocolate & cherry, yummy goodness.

10. Give me an idea as to what to blog about in the future.
You are always finding amazing homes and treasures, I want to join you in more of your travels & discoveries!!

11. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Rocky Road, it has a bit of everything and different textures, so yummy!

Now on to those I am tagging, can wait to see your answers ladies...

And on that note, enjoy your weekend everyone!!! Mel xo

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