Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poolside by Eskayel

Oh Eskayel, you did it again!!

The new collection called Poolside is amazing, I want to dive right into it. The colors, the patterns, all of it...they are divine!

I will admit that the Dynasty paper is still my favorite. I have my powder room all ready for it, the ceiling is painted a high gloss blue black and every time I use it I think about this paper. I NEED this paper in my life. It has been the plan since day one, I even took the wainscoting in the space up to a 6' height to cut down on the rolls I would you know people over at Eskayel, if you want an amazing space for your web site with the Dynasty paper in it drop me a line (hint hint). I promise to talk about your products non-stop and share the images with everyone under the sun.Kinda like I am doing now, but without the desperate undertone, haha.

So there is some eye candy for the day. Maybe I could just start a petition for the Hubs to get this paper, there is a tactic I haven't tried yet!! Mel xo

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