Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Updates: Altadore II

Altadore II is rocking along, we have a possession on this home in June so there are trades tripping over each other left, right, and center. Regardless of it being just like Grand Central Station we are cracking along and it is almost ready to paint...when it really gets transformed. As most of you know I am all about the little details that some may over look, below is an example of a pattern I am repeating in the home to create consistency.

{kitchen & great room}

The kitchen is pretty much wrapped up and almost ready for paint/stain. There is an island in there, you just have to look beyond the table, tools, and materials. When I was at the site yesterday the great room built-in was being built. It has a similar design to the one at Altadore I but with a drywall & alder detail to make it unique.

{ceiling & study wall}

So here is where my little detail is being highlighted. The drop beam ceiling in the great room has a more funky shape than the typical cross beam design. I created a total nightmare for my finishers with the wall detail in the study that mimics the ceiling (sorry boys, but it looks fab). Once it is all painted out the same dark, rich, sexy color it will be awesomeballs!! 

I would have taken more images but even trying to walk thought this home was a challenge! Hardwood was being laid upstairs, cabinet makers were working on the vanities, and other finishers were doing closet shelving...I just wanted to get out of there before I started hearing the mumblings of 'Where is the coffee Mel?'. What can I say, I was short on time today, the coffee treat will have to come another day. Mel xo

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