Monday, August 6, 2012

Altadore I: Great Room & Butlers Pantry

Am I milking this house for all I can? Yes...we are still at the cabin for another two weeks so it is family time, blogging is having to take a backseat. Thanks for still reading the random post that do pop up, it is appreciated!! And now, on to Altadore I...

{great room}

 I was very happy with how the fireplace design turned out, the floating hearth and the grain matched quartersawn oak made it a stunning feature for the great room.

{butlers pantry}

This space was tucked right between the kitchen and study, perfect space to mix up a little cocktail action...and that large pantry, defiantly a bonus topped off with the Eugene Pendant lights from Visual Comfort.

And here are a few more personal pics from Instagram, my beautiful baby niece, the Hubs showing his Canadian pride down in the mid-west, a lil' moonshine (yes, we bought the cherries), and a typical day out on the water.

I'm off to enjoy this heat while we are around it, have a great week!! Mel xo

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