Altadore I {Kitchen}

Here are the final images showing you Altadore I, the Kitchen, my favorite space in this home which also caused numerous ‘healthy discussions’ between myself, the Hubs, and a few trades. I won and got my way…and glad I stuck to my guns on this one.
Points of arguments were the tile bulkhead on top of the hood, stainless
steel backsplash above the range, and the brass…I won all and it was
worth  it. This home sold within days of being staged and well, it
 White subway with dark grout, Visual Comfort sconces in hand rubbed brass, open shelves…what more do you really need? 
 Since it is a more modern design I didn’t want to obstruct the kitchen details with hanging pendants so I opted for no ceiling lights in this space. To accommodate the code requirement for plugs in the island I had our amazing finishers build out the interior sides of the island in the same material as the face so the plugs could be recessed in them rather than having the plugs on the waterfall detail.
This home is only 2300 Sq. Ft. and 22′ wide on the interior, so maximizing storage space is essential. I decided on no top trim cornice for this kitchen and had the cabinets extent all the way to the top of the 10′ ceilings not leaving an inch of wasted space.
That is all for this baby!! Next up to reveal is Altadore III, you know, my long lost sister client? The couple have an amazing style (they are from NYC, so I wouldn’t expect anything less), and I am having a lot of fun with the selections and design for them. The home is at the drywall phase right now so some progress pics will be coming your way once the finishers move in.  Mel xo
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