Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion finds...

When we got home at the beginning of the week I unpacked and then purged my closet. I think it is time to start filling it back up. Keeping it simple, spend $ on classic items, spend little $ on trendy items. Something I have always lived by. Here are a few great items that may be making a new home in the pink closet...

{Vegan Leather Peplum Top}

Here is a pic from Atlantic-Pacific wearing this top (I will admit the peplum looks longer on her, but she gave the link to the top above), she makes everything look fab.

{Page Leather Leggings}
Keeping the leather look going these leather leggings are amazing. A lot more versatile than you may think too!
 via shopbop

 I have a similar pair i picked up last year and wore them out for New Years Eve with a flowy top and heels...they come in very hand with you want to jazz it up for a night out!

{New Lovers}
I went to Holts the other day, on the hunt for the perfect nude shoes for my cousins wedding in 2 weeks. So what did I find? The exact opposite of what I was looking for, but one look at that asymmetric toe and I was in love. Thinking I need a date night so they can go out on the town!!

available here

Don't they look nice in the pink closet? 

{Staple Tank}
Do you have that item that you swear by?? Mine is this tank from Old Navy, I honestly buy them 10 at a time, for only $7.50 they are a steal, and a lot of times you can get 25% off as well on-line!! BTW, gal in teal, I'll take your arms any day, nice work!

{Utility Jacket}
A couple of weeks ago I posted about this jacket from the Gap below, which I guess is pretty popular since they are always running out of sizes on line.
Old Navy has a great one as well, pretty cute isn't it?? So if you stuck out with the Gap one or the price was more than you wanted to spend take a look at this one, a fab find for under $40!

So how was that for a mix match of a fashion finds? I'm all over the map, I know, but I like it that way, makes it easier for me to justify the big ticket items. Enjoy your weekend, I'll be busy working and cooking, just found out I get to have my brother-in-law and two nephews in town for a bit. Let the baking begin!!! Mel xo

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