Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home & some thoughts...

One of my favorite things after a long holiday is actually coming home. I love driving up to our home and walking into again, rediscovering it and even emitting a few 'ohhs' & 'ahhs' along the way. Last night when we strolled in the door at 1am, after 33 hours of travel time (hello storms, delays, missed flights) I walked in and just absorbed my environment with refreshed eyes and love.

And seeing how the landscaping is taking off. We had a massive hail storm here and fortunately I only seem to have had one ivy damaged by it, but the rest is taking off like crazy and I so excited. I tries year after year at our last home to get this to grow, it never made it past 3' tall and then the rabbits would eat it down to the ground every winter.

And the boys, it is like Christmas for them. 'Mom, look, my insert random toy here!!!!' Looks like all of us are discovering our home again. 

Our last morning at the lake gave us the most stunning sunrise of the summer. We are so lucky and blessed to be able to take the time and head down to be close to my family and where I grew up. The time went by in a flash, like it always does, but we have the memories that will last a lifetime.

A bonus to being down at the cabin is being so close to family. Being the youngest of 7 makes for a lot of fun & laughter, the best gift of all being able to spend the summers near them.

Thank you for baring with me and my limited post while I was away. I will admit that not making myself post every day was nice, and I think I will now try and get 2, maybe 3 post in a week. Work is busy, family is crazy, and life is well, life. I think a lot of people underestimate the time involved with blogging, so while I am not putting it on the back burner I am just going to stress over not getting something new on here daily. Thank you for your continued support, wonderful comments, and encouragement. All of you motivate & inspire me, making me a better person and designer and for that I give you a big shout out!! Mel xo

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