Retail Therapy for fall

While I have been laying around the cabin in the heat & humidity fall has been on my mind. Cool crisp breezes, leafs turning, jazz music playing in the background, and a seat by the outdoor fire with a beautiful glass of red in my hand. Are you getting the picture?? I’ll admit I hate dressing in the summer months, it seems so limited, short, tanks, sandals…riveting. So while I have been day dreaming I have also been doing some on-line retail therapy, here are a few of the great finds that I am looking forward to sporting soon.
Fab, love, love, love these. They run true to size, perfect with skinnies, rolled up boyfriend jeans, even with shorts. Perfect & versatile, they are a bit darker than the image which I love.
Cute, right?
I have an addiction to sweaters, but I live in Canada so I feel it is allowed. Here are a few perfections that will be finding a spot in my hot pink closet.
This one will be a great layer sweater, perfect neutral color, fun shape, love it!
Here is another easy sweater to just toss on and still have some style, the color is fun and will cheer up those chilly days…and right now it’s on sale for under $40, you can’t go wrong!
My obsession really is with black turtlenecks, and this one is perfection. You know that sweater that you try on and just know it is your staple? This is it for me.

Canada = cold = needing multiple fab jackets, nuff said.
A lot of times I am running out the door in a flurry and rushed, so this one was a no brainier, and right now it is on sale, under $100…with free shipping. How can you say no?
Here is a cute casual jacket for the cool fall days, available in khaki & army green, they are sold out of a most sizes but they are constantly replenishing stock in this.
And my staple bottom. I have always loved Gap jeans, I went through a time when is all I would were were designer jeans, but in all honesty, I just love Gap denim, always have, you just can’t go wrong with them.
What? Did you say MID-rise skinny jeans?! Heck yes, no more bum crack over here, and lets face it, that is not the best look when you are with littles or on the job site. 
The Sexy Boyfriend jean is one I adore from the Gap as well, they are comfy and versatile and again, no butt crack with these.

I am rough on my glasses so Rayban glasses have quickly become a favorite since they seem to take a beating over and over again, I went into have another pair adjusted when I stumbled upon these…they had to come home with me, too cool not to!

via shopbop

I think I am off to a good start, but my suitcases will be overweight & overstuffed…so I must stop now. OK, off for some more fun in the sun during our last week here, can’t believe how fast this summer has gone! Mel xo

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