Friday, December 7, 2012

Update & Final Images // Altadore 3 Lower Level & Exterior

Holy smackers are we busy...and it's AWESOME!!! I love being busy, yes, my holiday decorating has had to take a backseat and some days I choose coffee over showering, but that is alright with me. Here is a brief update on the projects at this time & if you want to follow along check out our Facebook page HERE.

Watermark {waterside}

Our ridiculously amazing finishers are packed up and gone, all of the cabinetry and mill-work is complete...can't wait to see it all painted and stained! The painters are in the home starting the prep work and the tile setter has gotten busy, starting with the master shower that will have beautiful calcutta gold tile throughout.

Watermark {spyglass}

Framing has started which means I am in selection and design mode for this home. The fun but slightly stressful part...with so many homes on the go I am trying to keep them all straight and all individual...I have no desire to build and design the same thing over and over, I'll leave that to the track home builders.

Hillhurst {15th}

Both homes were back-filled yesterday and the framers are getting going on this one come Monday. These homes are going to be a mix of the Altadore projects and Waterside court. A bit of traditional detailing with modern elements tossed in for good measure.

Hillhurst {custom}

Excavation started on Wednesday and the cribber will be showing up this coming week. The clients are amazing, great style, wonderful personalities, and they love color...this home is next up for me with design. The kitchen is large and in charge and it is going to be awesomeballs!!
Hillhurst {16th}

In the process of tightening up the floor plan for this home. It is being put up on spec and will feature 4 bedrooms with just over 3600 Sq. Ft. I'm going traditional on this home, transoms on the main level, white and clean kitchen, lots of marble, and lots of pretty polished chrome elements...maybe some grass cloth tossed in. 

Bearspaw {custom}

Plans are done, off to the engineer and pricing is underway...this home is designed for entertaining and is going to have modern elements throughout.

*All image from boards above can be found on my Pinerest page with sources listed there*

Yeah...busy but good. We are working with a few more clients on projects at this time as well...looks like I'll be spending lots of time on Pinterest to keep it all straight and to find inspiration for all of these upcoming projects! Now on to more final images from Altadore 3.


In Calgary this is what we refer to as a West Coast Contemporary style I have no idea who the heck came up with it but whatever. For this home we used a combination of stone, stained cedar, and two acrylic stucco colors.

{wine room}

When building in the inner-city on small lots (this lot was 32' x 120') you have to maximize every square foot you can. With the wine room we utilize the area under the staircase. I like to think that the best storage is wine storage, ha! For this wine room I wanted to keep in mind the lineal lines that are throughout the home, so I designed a more modern take on a wine finishers hated me so did my painters...but in the end we were all thrilled with the final product!

{wet bar}

The bar is more of a storage space for Lucy's toys in the rec room but it also needed to function as an entertainment area when the time comes. It ended up being a great combination of the two, tons of storage and great style and display space.

Have a great weekend and if you are hitting up a holiday party wear something sparkly & fun!! Mel xo

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