Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FAB hardware...

With Altadore I getting close to the lock out stage I need, as in, should have been done a month ago, select my hardware for this home. I have been hooked up on this item from Richelieu since I saw it in the catalog a few months ago, but $22 PER item (my cost) was just too far over budget.
Richelieu 1414288BB

So I sent a text & numerous emails to my amazing friend Erica with some options that I was looking at, while complaining that I couldn't have the ones above. Being the great girl that she is she suggest Lee Valley for some hardware. As I slap my head on my forehead I wonder why the heck I didn't consider that as a source before. Take a look at all of the amazing options I found (from $2 to $10 each!!)...

Bridge Hardware | Utility Handles | Recess Suite 

Very happy with the selections, but then again if you read yesterdays post you know that I am a bit overjoyed with this house as a whole. I am starting the planing for Altadore II since the framing is coming to a close on that home, here is a little peek into some of the items making its way into one of the bathrooms...

As you can see from this it is going to be very different from Altadore I, still modern elements but with a bit more of a traditional twist. Fun, fun, fun!!! Oh, and we also found out yesterday that we, as in Veranda Estate Homes, is a finalist in 2 different categories for the 2011 Sam Awards. This is a huge honor and we are very excited about it as it is our first time entering. So on that note, have a wonderful Wednesday!! Mel xo

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Updates: Altadore I

Come on in and let me share with you my latest project that I am dying over, I have some serious LOVE for this home!!!! It is awesomeballs if I do say so myself, hope you love it as much as I do (and keep in mind these are construction pics and do not fully represent the awesomeness that is to come)...

{front room}
This is the first room you see in this home and I wanted something to grab you. I found inspiration for a wall design by Burnham Design via Pinterest. After a couple of hours drafting up examples this is what I ended up with and my amazing finisher that kicks some serious butt when to town, thanks

 I'm so in love with this room!

{great room}
I decided on all vertical grain quartersawn white oak for the wood work in the home, again, since we do everything on-site in the home options are endless and you get an amazing finished product that exudes quality, finish, and fit...have I mentioned that I love what I do? The area around the fireplace and up the right hand side will be cladded in stone (which is awesome as well).

The ceilings are 11' in this section of the home, very rare for an inner city home, but it adds a lot to the space, the black patio doors at the back of the room will open up to a large patio.

The doors have arrived and are waiting to be sprayed so they can be installed, appliances to come, then the rest of the tile can go in along with the wall sconces above the stained open shelves.

The island detail with the vertical grain panels and Caesarstone waterfall is stunning, akkk...I will be dreaming about this kitchen until it is done, and possibly after it is done too.

{mud room}
The rear entry on this home is going to be filled with tons of style as well, from the chevron floors to the large Hicks pendants. On the left is a small desk or command center that is nicely tucked into this space but right across form the kitchen.

{powder room & butlers pantry}
The powder room is a work in process...but I promise you this, it is going to ridiculous when the finishers are done with the wall treatment & vanity. The butlers pantry is nestled in between the front rooms with awesoemeballs wall and the killer kitchen, oh, and there is a massive pantry next to that, tons o' storage.

{laundry room & doors}
Laundry room goodness, bins built-in for dirty clothes, hanging rod above and cabinets for extra storage, across form this is the washer & dryer along with a sink and yep...more cabinets. On the right, a little glimpse of the black door goodness that is going throughout the home.

{main bath}
Subway and hexagon...need I say more?

 {basement wet bar}
I wanted to keep the basement more manly by using all wood down here, but the elements had to stay the same & consistent.

More vertical grain, Caesarstone, subway, and open shelving...

{wine room}
Rather than wasting the room under the stairs that lead to the basement we tucked in a wine room, storage is over rated...unless it is wine storage!

 all image via Veranda Interiors

So there you have it, the progress of Altadore I, and to think I have an Altadore II & Altadore III that I get to work!! Hope you enjoyed and I will be sharing more as the house progress. Think lots of Visual Comfort & Arteriors goodness along with some iron & glass railings. Oh, and I am getting the images back from the Hillhurst project this week as well...stay tuned! Mel xo

*If you are interested in ordering any lights from Visual Comfort or Arteriors please contact me for pricing*

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to reality...

Talk about an amazing time away with all of my boys! We are back from Maui and we had the best time ever, every day at a beach, exploring, learning, and finding new spots all over the island. We found many, most of the time with no one else on them, it was pure bliss...

Oh the food...the food & the drinks, there was plenty of that, maybe too much, but that is what vacation is for and how could I turn down all of this?!

 Numerous sandhouses (no castles here) and turtles were constructed, we always seemed to have 2 little guys ready to come into demolish them...

The time that we were able to sped together is priceless, so many images captured, now I just need to decide which to frame!

But I will admit that I am SO ready to get back to work, and after seeing the progress of Altadore I, well...I am pumped and ready to kick some design butt with our upcoming projects! Oh, and here is a little snip-it of the front room in Altadore I, be sure to come back later this week to see more!!!

all image my own

And finally a big thanks to all of the gals that helped me out with my In Ten series, Lisa from Lisa Roy, Marianne from Style For Living, Christine from Bijou and Boheme, Anne-Marie from 10 Rooms, Toby from Because It's Awesome & Tiffany from Savor Home you helped me out while I was away and gave some amazing eye candy, it is much appreciated!!! Enjoy your week everyone! Mel xo

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Ten with Tiffany from Savor Home

You know when you start to read a blog and you can just tell that the person behind it is so kind and wonderful? Well, that is how I felt about Tiffany's blog, Savor Home, the first time I stumbled upon it. She has a great ascetic and and is one heck of a cook as well, her food images will make you forget about that diet thingamajig. 

Hi there! I'm Tiffany of Savor Home. I am THRILLED to be here today as I have been a fan of Mel and her blog for quite some time. She is lovely and so incredibly talented. I will be honest in saying that I am incredibly jealous that she is probably soaking up the sun on a white sandy beach in Hawaii even as I write this. I so wish I could be there! But for now, I will do my best to keep you entertained here while she soaks up the sun- on a white sandy beach... :)
Speaking of white, let's talk about white rooms. White rooms are so fresh and I love anything that is fresh. My mom says that "fresh" should have been my middle name. Ha. When I see a white room, it tells me," I know it's been a long day, but I will help you calm down." I love that. Even though they are calming, I am completely aware that they are hard to maintain, especially when you have a hubby, kids and maybe a pet or two. But that probably won't stop me from having a white room in my house and a Pinterest board completely dedicated to them. So I bring to you today my top 10 white rooms of all time that I have seen so far...

The entry of a home is synonymous to the first chapter of a book. If the first chapter isn't good, then you might not have much hope for the rest. If this were the entry of a house, I couldn't wait to see the rest! I love the dark floors and the conservative gallery walls mixed with the zebra print ottomans. Lovely...

What I love the most about this living room is the mixture of modern and traditional elements. It's also comfortable and inviting. Oh and I love that couch. I could sink into it with my Kindle and read the day away- with a nap or two in between.

This kitchen has everything on my wishlist- white cabinets, glass cabinetry, lovely lighting, tons of space and a fresh look. I have a love for food photography, so the large windows would be my best friend.

White dining rooms are stain magnets, I know that. But thank goodness for slipcovers...

I am a firm believer in decorating an office space with things you love and things that inspire creativity. I think it makes for a much better day. The photo display would be perfect for displaying photos of my family and my photography. I would add a nice pretty Mac and a green plant here. Other than that, I think it's perfect.

Yes, I would LOVE to have a white nursery. I'm insane! I just think they are so incredibly bright, peaceful and calming- all useful feelings to have during midnight feedings and crying spells!

Guest bedrooms should be warm, inviting, clean and crisp. Oh and I think they should always have fresh  flowers. So this one fits the bill for me. The only problem is, if I were a guest in a room like this, I might never leave!

If I could only have one white room in the house, I would choose the master bedroom. I work very hard during the day, as most of you do, so coming home to a nice, clean white bedroom with a white,soft fluffy bed with 400 thread count sheets- heaven. Aren't those antique mirrors gorgeous?

This is Brooke Shield's master bathroom in her Manhattan home. It's quite lovely right? All I need here is a glass of wine, candles, a juicy novel and a neon sign on the doorknob that says, "Do Not Disturb- Ever."

The kitchen is clean, the laundry is done, homework is done, the kids are in bed and the only thing left to do is relax in one of those rockers with a glass of wine or a cup of hot tea. Sounds perfectly dreamy huh??
I hope you enjoyed some of favorite white rooms! I hope you have a great day and thanks again for having me Mel!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Ten with Tobe from Because It's Awesome

Today's In Ten post comes to you from a fellow Missouri girl, Tobe from Because It's Awesome...because well, she is awesome!  Such eye candy in this post, thanks for knocking it out of the park for all of my amazing readers Toby!!!

hello, all! tobe here from because it's awesome, thrilled to be standing in for melissa while she's suffering on the cool beaches of hawaii. ha! when melissa first mentioned her plans to get away, i couldn't help but think about my one and only trip to hawaii a little over two years ago for my honeymoon. one of my favorite parts of visiting the islands (which i'll admit is very hard to narrow down) is the incredible food. so, in honor of those delectable island treats, i bring you 10 of my favorite dining spaces:

10. i fell quite hard for the dining room in this brooke shields manhattan townhouse when i first laid eyes on it
collaboration with david flint wood, architectural digest

9. what's not to like about this eclectic skona hem space?

8.  i adore the freshness of this subtly glam room

7. please. that table . . . those chairs . . . large art . . . big win

6. this is one table i would make an effort to eat, work and play from
amber lewis interiors via glitter guide

5. okay okay, this is technically not a dining room. but i would give one up to eat here everyday. holy windowed splendor

4. so elegant
elle decor

3. nothing wrong with a moody and quite regal place to entertain

2. an interesting yet classic mix
interior design by jennifer dyer via lonny magazine

1. if you ask me, very few can do it better than windsor smith

hope you all enjoyed!
and, melissa, hope you and that beautiful family of yours are soaking up some sun for the rest of us! ox
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