Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion finds...

When we got home at the beginning of the week I unpacked and then purged my closet. I think it is time to start filling it back up. Keeping it simple, spend $ on classic items, spend little $ on trendy items. Something I have always lived by. Here are a few great items that may be making a new home in the pink closet...

{Vegan Leather Peplum Top}

Here is a pic from Atlantic-Pacific wearing this top (I will admit the peplum looks longer on her, but she gave the link to the top above), she makes everything look fab.

{Page Leather Leggings}
Keeping the leather look going these leather leggings are amazing. A lot more versatile than you may think too!
 via shopbop

 I have a similar pair i picked up last year and wore them out for New Years Eve with a flowy top and heels...they come in very hand with you want to jazz it up for a night out!

{New Lovers}
I went to Holts the other day, on the hunt for the perfect nude shoes for my cousins wedding in 2 weeks. So what did I find? The exact opposite of what I was looking for, but one look at that asymmetric toe and I was in love. Thinking I need a date night so they can go out on the town!!

available here

Don't they look nice in the pink closet? 

{Staple Tank}
Do you have that item that you swear by?? Mine is this tank from Old Navy, I honestly buy them 10 at a time, for only $7.50 they are a steal, and a lot of times you can get 25% off as well on-line!! BTW, gal in teal, I'll take your arms any day, nice work!

{Utility Jacket}
A couple of weeks ago I posted about this jacket from the Gap below, which I guess is pretty popular since they are always running out of sizes on line.
Old Navy has a great one as well, pretty cute isn't it?? So if you stuck out with the Gap one or the price was more than you wanted to spend take a look at this one, a fab find for under $40!

So how was that for a mix match of a fashion finds? I'm all over the map, I know, but I like it that way, makes it easier for me to justify the big ticket items. Enjoy your weekend, I'll be busy working and cooking, just found out I get to have my brother-in-law and two nephews in town for a bit. Let the baking begin!!! Mel xo

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Busy week, what would you expect for the first week back after a long holiday, right? Here are a few happenings so far this week...

Watermark I selections are underway and I am getting more and more excited about this home every day. Here are two options for a feature tile on the backsplash in the kitchen, paired up with the quartz that I hope (pretty pretty PLEASE) the clients love.

I have decided to go manly for the basement, rich wood tones, metals, polished concrete floors, and this stunning onyx on the bar, it is ridiculous in person.

We also recently had some of our work published in Alberta Home Magazine. It is from our Montgomery project that was completed 2 years ago. The crazy talented Tracey Ayton photographed the home for the magazine and her images just shine on these pages. I'll get the article scanned in and share it with you soon, promises!

K...gotta run, finalizing up millwork details & lighting for Altadore III this week, lots of good things coming your way regarding that home. Mel xo

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home & some thoughts...

One of my favorite things after a long holiday is actually coming home. I love driving up to our home and walking into again, rediscovering it and even emitting a few 'ohhs' & 'ahhs' along the way. Last night when we strolled in the door at 1am, after 33 hours of travel time (hello storms, delays, missed flights) I walked in and just absorbed my environment with refreshed eyes and love.

And seeing how the landscaping is taking off. We had a massive hail storm here and fortunately I only seem to have had one ivy damaged by it, but the rest is taking off like crazy and I so excited. I tries year after year at our last home to get this to grow, it never made it past 3' tall and then the rabbits would eat it down to the ground every winter.

And the boys, it is like Christmas for them. 'Mom, look, my insert random toy here!!!!' Looks like all of us are discovering our home again. 

Our last morning at the lake gave us the most stunning sunrise of the summer. We are so lucky and blessed to be able to take the time and head down to be close to my family and where I grew up. The time went by in a flash, like it always does, but we have the memories that will last a lifetime.

A bonus to being down at the cabin is being so close to family. Being the youngest of 7 makes for a lot of fun & laughter, the best gift of all being able to spend the summers near them.

Thank you for baring with me and my limited post while I was away. I will admit that not making myself post every day was nice, and I think I will now try and get 2, maybe 3 post in a week. Work is busy, family is crazy, and life is well, life. I think a lot of people underestimate the time involved with blogging, so while I am not putting it on the back burner I am just going to stress over not getting something new on here daily. Thank you for your continued support, wonderful comments, and encouragement. All of you motivate & inspire me, making me a better person and designer and for that I give you a big shout out!! Mel xo

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Altadore I {Kitchen}

Here are the final images showing you Altadore I, the Kitchen, my favorite space in this home which also caused numerous 'healthy discussions' between myself, the Hubs, and a few trades. I won and got my way...and glad I stuck to my guns on this one.

Points of arguments were the tile bulkhead on top of the hood, stainless steel backsplash above the range, and the brass...I won all and it was worth  it. This home sold within days of being staged and well, it rocks.

 White subway with dark grout, Visual Comfort sconces in hand rubbed brass, open shelves...what more do you really need? 

 Since it is a more modern design I didn't want to obstruct the kitchen details with hanging pendants so I opted for no ceiling lights in this space. To accommodate the code requirement for plugs in the island I had our amazing finishers build out the interior sides of the island in the same material as the face so the plugs could be recessed in them rather than having the plugs on the waterfall detail.

This home is only 2300 Sq. Ft. and 22' wide on the interior, so maximizing storage space is essential. I decided on no top trim cornice for this kitchen and had the cabinets extent all the way to the top of the 10' ceilings not leaving an inch of wasted space.

That is all for this baby!! Next up to reveal is Altadore III, you know, my long lost sister client? The couple have an amazing style (they are from NYC, so I wouldn't expect anything less), and I am having a lot of fun with the selections and design for them. The home is at the drywall phase right now so some progress pics will be coming your way once the finishers move in.  Mel xo

If you are interested in ordering any lights from Visual Comfort please feel free to contact me at

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Retail Therapy for fall

While I have been laying around the cabin in the heat & humidity fall has been on my mind. Cool crisp breezes, leafs turning, jazz music playing in the background, and a seat by the outdoor fire with a beautiful glass of red in my hand. Are you getting the picture?? I'll admit I hate dressing in the summer months, it seems so limited, short, tanks, sandals...riveting. So while I have been day dreaming I have also been doing some on-line retail therapy, here are a few of the great finds that I am looking forward to sporting soon.

Fab, love, love, love these. They run true to size, perfect with skinnies, rolled up boyfriend jeans, even with shorts. Perfect & versatile, they are a bit darker than the image which I love.

Cute, right?

I have an addiction to sweaters, but I live in Canada so I feel it is allowed. Here are a few perfections that will be finding a spot in my hot pink closet.

This one will be a great layer sweater, perfect neutral color, fun shape, love it!

Here is another easy sweater to just toss on and still have some style, the color is fun and will cheer up those chilly days...and right now it's on sale for under $40, you can't go wrong!

My obsession really is with black turtlenecks, and this one is perfection. You know that sweater that you try on and just know it is your staple? This is it for me.

Canada = cold = needing multiple fab jackets, nuff said.

A lot of times I am running out the door in a flurry and rushed, so this one was a no brainier, and right now it is on sale, under $100...with free shipping. How can you say no?

Here is a cute casual jacket for the cool fall days, available in khaki & army green, they are sold out of a most sizes but they are constantly replenishing stock in this.

And my staple bottom. I have always loved Gap jeans, I went through a time when is all I would were were designer jeans, but in all honesty, I just love Gap denim, always have, you just can't go wrong with them.

What? Did you say MID-rise skinny jeans?! Heck yes, no more bum crack over here, and lets face it, that is not the best look when you are with littles or on the job site. 

The Sexy Boyfriend jean is one I adore from the Gap as well, they are comfy and versatile and again, no butt crack with these.

I am rough on my glasses so Rayban glasses have quickly become a favorite since they seem to take a beating over and over again, I went into have another pair adjusted when I stumbled upon these...they had to come home with me, too cool not to!

via shopbop

I think I am off to a good start, but my suitcases will be overweight & I must stop now. OK, off for some more fun in the sun during our last week here, can't believe how fast this summer has gone! Mel xo

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Altadore I: Great Room & Butlers Pantry

Am I milking this house for all I can? Yes...we are still at the cabin for another two weeks so it is family time, blogging is having to take a backseat. Thanks for still reading the random post that do pop up, it is appreciated!! And now, on to Altadore I...

{great room}

 I was very happy with how the fireplace design turned out, the floating hearth and the grain matched quartersawn oak made it a stunning feature for the great room.

{butlers pantry}

This space was tucked right between the kitchen and study, perfect space to mix up a little cocktail action...and that large pantry, defiantly a bonus topped off with the Eugene Pendant lights from Visual Comfort.

And here are a few more personal pics from Instagram, my beautiful baby niece, the Hubs showing his Canadian pride down in the mid-west, a lil' moonshine (yes, we bought the cherries), and a typical day out on the water.

I'm off to enjoy this heat while we are around it, have a great week!! Mel xo

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