Friday, March 1, 2013


It's been a month and a lot has been going on, here is a peek.

First, the best part, Maui with my boys. We enjoyed amazing family time and had a bast, the weather could have been better but at the end of the day it was about spending quality time together and that is just what this holiday was all about. 

Watermark is getting wrapped up, we are doing a pre-occupancy shoot this coming Tuesday (those will be coming to you soon) and the clients are taking possession of the home early next week. This is one home where I have agreed to help the clients with all interior selections, furnishings, decor, all that jazz. Honestly, this is something I despise doing, it is just not my thing. Pick out tiles, paint colors, design a floor plan or cabinets, no problem...but look at fabrics and come up with furniture layouts = I wanna poke out my eyeballs. BUT I have become great friends with these clients and they have pretty much let me have my run with this home so far (they even named it after me, ha) so why not finish it off. 

We also have 4 other homes that are all at framing or rough-in stages. Most of the selections and mill-work drawings are complete for these homes but there is still some fine tuning to do. I will say, there are going to be some amazing things heading your way from us come spring & summer!!

Drawings are wrapped up for a new single unit (up above) we are constructing inner-city. AMAZING deigns, seriously, I took my sweet time with this, tweaked it till it couldn't be tweaked any more and the floor plan is just simply AWESOME. Clean, bright, cozy, and mill-work details galore! You will love it, our finishers on the other hand may want to roll their eyes at me...looks like I might be baking a lot of cookies in the near future!

Yesterday we got the amazing news that we are nominated again this year for a Sam Award, we are up for Best New Home - $1,500,000 to $2,299,000. Super excited, we won last year, you can see that one HERE. Fingers crossed the one we are up for this year will bring home a purdy trophy again!
Mel xo

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