Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Home {kitchen}

 We love to entertain and I love cooking, so this space gets a lot of use on a daily basis.
I get a lot of questions about marble...a lot. To put it simply, yes, I love it, yes, it is more maintenance that granite, yes, I would do it again. I have scratches, I have etches, and I have small stains here and there, but unless I point them out you would never see them. 

Since I do cook and entertain so much I did decide to go for a butcher top on the island, this is where 90% of my prep work is done and where people gather to enjoy some appetizers before dinner is served.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Home {Lower Level}

We like to entertain a lot, so with our lower level we designed it around entertaining and having fun. There might even be a laser light show and disco ball pulled out now and then. 

{bar & wine room}

It is definitely a WOW feature since it is the first space you see when you walk down the stairs. Such a fun place to hang out with friends and enjoy a few glasses of wine.

{Rec Room}

Since these photos we have added a pool table to the space on the left to finish it off. This space is honestly never ever used...ever. It really only sees some action when we are having a large party and people are gathered in this space. 


I know in our next house we want a gym about twice this size. The hubs and I work out together 6 mornings a week so it can get a little crowded but for now it is perfect and we love being able to just head down to start our days off right!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Home {Secondary Baths + Laundry}

Here is a peek into our secondary bathrooms and the laundry room...the rooms that keep my boys nice & clean. 

{Powder Room}

For this small space, which is impossible to photograph, I went with 6' tall wainscoting and then a high gloss dark color above for the walls & ceiling. The polished nickel vanity topped with marble is accented by the Venetian beaded glass mirror I bought from Restoration Hardware.

{Guest Bathroom}

This bathroom is connected to our 4th bedroom on the upper level of the home, one we use for guest when they stay with us. I went with all white here but wanted a fun pop of color, so bright green bubble glass backsplash did the trick. And I had to use one of my go to favorite faucets from Kohler, it has a great vintage vibe to it and I just adore the white handles.

 {Boys Bath}

This configuration is a Jack & Jill style bathroom, so both of their bedrooms connect to it. I added 42" subway tile wainscoting in this bath and then incorporated the woods wallpaper above it to mimic what we have going on outside with all of our towering trees that surround the property. Keeping this space black & white still allows me to play with punches of color, here orange towels, sometimes it is yellow, and other times green, guess it depends on my mood and what is clean.

For the floor I went with a 3x6 tile for the perimeter, then a 1/2" x 6" black pencil, and for the inset a 2" hexagon.

For additional storage I had our finishers build a tower between he two sinks...you can never have enough storage in a bathroom. 

{Laundry Room}

When I started making my selections for the home I laid eyes on the tile below and I knew I had to use it, but at $75 per Sq. Ft. I also knew I had to limit my use. Since I did feel it would be a bit overpowering in the whole space I used it just in the center of the laundry room and for the perimeter I used a white thassos marble tile. I picked up one of the greens from the tile for the wall color and with the leftover green tiles from the bathroom above I incorporated them into the tile backsplash. 

{Basement Bathroom}

Everything in our lower level was finished with an antique brass finish, alder wood work, and this insanely awesome marble called Cappuccino. All of these elements are used in our basement bath as well, keeping it manly down in the lower level.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Home {Master Bathroom}

My bath...love this space so much. The chevron floors still make me happy to this day, the bow window, all of the mill work...it is such a beautiful and calming space.

For the vanities I had custom bun feet made and our finishers constructed them to resemble pieces of furniture. 

For my make-up desk area I incorporated cabinets to store extra towels and items that I we use all of the time. This was my first time having a make-up desk and I do not think I could do back to not having one.

I had to put up a fight for this shower, I knew I wanted to use solid slabs when I laid eyes on these pieces, it just took some convincing.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Home {Bedrooms}

Here are some peeks at the bedrooms on the upper level of our home. The basement has two additional bedrooms...one we use as an additional office and the other a few nephews have claimed as their own.

{Master Bedroom}

I do love this room, we are flooded with light from the massive windows we have on both sides and the view is of the towering aspens in the back...something that I find so incredible relaxing to fall asleep and wake up to.

This hall leads to the 'his' & 'hers' closets and my work space.

My desk area, that never looks this tidy, is where I come up with pretty much every aspect of every home we build.

 In a house with all boys I had to do something fun in my closet...so pink it was! I incorporated frames that remind me of special times in our lives, from our wedding, to family photos, to a cross stitch my god mother gave me when I was baptized some 30+ years ago.

 {Guest Room}

I love the ceiling and daybed that is in this room.

{W's Room}

Little man picked out this wallpaper himself & I'll admit it is pretty blinding to stair up at from the bed...but it is so much fun!

 We had this little corner in his room between his closet and the bathroom, so we added in a small desk area with fixed shelves. 

{M's Room}

M was too small when we built this home to really have any say, so I decided to have a little fun with it. It all started with the mural I painted on his wall, I found an old paint by number off e-bay from the 70's & decided to mimic it on his wall. Something that I thought would take me a weekend ended up taking 80+ hours...live and learn I guess. 

Since his room didn't have a designated space for a window seat we added this built-in desk during the finishing stage, we wanted every room to have a 'feature'.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Home {Mud Room & Pantry}

I am going to start sharing a few images from our home...we have been here for almost 3 years so figure it is about time.

{Mud Room}

I wanted a fun space to see multiple times a day, so for our mud room I went with a fun wallpaper, the classic Hicks pendants, and paneling to protect the walls from when the boys (and me) fling our shoes off when we walk in. The hallway pic below is what separates this room from the pantry...and one of my favorite spots in our home.


Yeah, I love my pantry too. The pull out baskets are now a staple in every pantry that we do, perfect for storage of onions, crafts for the little, and easy access to snacks for them as well. Since I have an addiction to cookbooks I built-in an area above the microwave for my collection. 

Microwave in the pantry?! 

Yep, I personally hate designing it into a kitchen and it isn't something we use that often. This space is right next to the kitchen so it works, and every client that has seen it since has incorporated it into their home as well.

Check back for more images from our home soon. Mel xo 

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