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Friday, April 9, 2010

Fridays Favorite

The Egg, Egg Heads, Big Green, all names used to refer to Fridays Favorite, the Big Green Egg. It is not a grill, it is a smoker, and by many revered as 'The Worlds Best Smoker.' My husband is one that would agree with that statement. In fact I have often wondered if he had to choose between the Egg & me who he would go with.
 Screenshot2010-04-09at91603AM.png picture by mamanzardo
They are not very popular in our part of the world, but down south everyone knows what the Egg is. I will say one thing, it is a great conversation started when people come over for dinner that have never experienced the food off of one!!
big_green_egg_large.gif picture by mamanzardo

I think Rob's favorite feature is the fact that we can use it year round since the ceramic body holds the heat so well and evenly. There have been winter nights when we are buried in snow and the winds are blowing leaving up with a -30 windchill...and he is out on the deck doing up a batch of chicken wings for the hockey game. Such a trooper he is...and an addict. In fact, if he was giving the option of the two images below, he would choose the Egg on the right, our poor gas grill has been neglected since our purchase of the Egg 2 years ago.
vikinggrills.jpg picture by mamanzardo    smokercart.jpg picture by mamanzardo
Hope your week was good, and that you get to enjoy some BBQ this weekend, hopefully from the Egg!! Mel xoxo
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