Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Ten with Christine from Bijou & Boheme

Morning loveys and such a lovely post for all of you today from the talented and stunning Christine who heads up Bijou and Boheme.  When I saw this post I was kept thinking to myself, yes, this is ALL SO HER! Love her selections for the In Ten series, thanks so much Christine...this is all you to a 'T', feminine, classy, and whimsical!
Well hello's Christine here from B&B and I'm so honoured to be filling in for the fabulous Melissa, while she soaks up some sun on the gorgeous beaches of Maui...PS, soooo jealous that she's getting some vitamin D at the moment, while I look out my window at banks of snow.
Anyhoo...delighted to be here.
I love this 'top 10' series and decided to present to you, the ten things I simply couldn't live without.

1. Pink
My run for pink runs deep... I'd be a shell of a woman without this lovely hue...on the floor, on the walls...I'll take it any which way.  And PS, I'd like to assert that pink is the only colour that works with every other one...therefore, in my books, it's actually the perfect neutral- ha!

2. Leopard
Like pink is to colour, leopard is to's chic, classic and plays well with everything.

3. Art
If I was rich, there is nothing I would take greater joy spending money on than fabulous original art...I'd plaster it on every inch of wall space I could...nothing makes a house feel more alive.

4. Fur
Now I know this one might get me in trouble but I just can't help it...I looooooveeee fur...I always buy vintage or faux of course and would pretty much die for a full mink blanket on my give a limb sort of thing.

5. Animalia
I don't know why exactly it is but I adore porcelain and brass animals...I have them sitting on almost every surface in my home because in my humble opinion, they add the perfect amount of whimsy to any space...I'd give another limb for the white peacock pictured below...or a giant brass gazelle...or a ceramic zebra.

6. Wallpaper
Like is the case with art, if I had buckets of cash lying around, I'd so have wallpaper in every room...I adore how much energy it brings to a space...the more pattern and colour, the better in my books.

7. Fresh flowers
I have a flower hoarder and budget {loose term...not really a budget kind of girl} about $30/week on fresh blooms...I'm very much of the mind that no space is half as pretty without them...of course, my favourites are most often pink, though I like white as well...peonies, garden roses, fringed tulips, orchids, them all.

8. Books
Like fresh flowers, books are a must for a warm, curated, and inviting space...again, according to me;)  I have piles of them everywhere and am always on the hunt for new ones to add to my collection...PS, I totally do judge a book by its cover...for display purposes, I only buy pretty ones...if I had time to actually read books these days, I might pay more attention to content but for now, it's all about appearances;)

9. Portraits
I have this weird love for spooky antique portraits...there's just something so whimsical and cool about a dark portrait in a more modern space.  When framed in something gold and ornate, I can't help but admire the perfect juxtaposition it creates...pretty quirk.

10. Gold
Last but certainly not least, is gold...I'm a total suckerpants for this ruch, lux's just so darn glamorous...very happy to see people embracing its beauty more these days.
So there you have top 10 loves...all of them make me all quite warm and fuzzy inside.
Thanks and big hugs to Melissa for having me - such a treat festival;)

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