Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Home {Bedrooms}

Here are some peeks at the bedrooms on the upper level of our home. The basement has two additional we use as an additional office and the other a few nephews have claimed as their own.

{Master Bedroom}

I do love this room, we are flooded with light from the massive windows we have on both sides and the view is of the towering aspens in the back...something that I find so incredible relaxing to fall asleep and wake up to.

This hall leads to the 'his' & 'hers' closets and my work space.

My desk area, that never looks this tidy, is where I come up with pretty much every aspect of every home we build.

 In a house with all boys I had to do something fun in my pink it was! I incorporated frames that remind me of special times in our lives, from our wedding, to family photos, to a cross stitch my god mother gave me when I was baptized some 30+ years ago.

 {Guest Room}

I love the ceiling and daybed that is in this room.

{W's Room}

Little man picked out this wallpaper himself & I'll admit it is pretty blinding to stair up at from the bed...but it is so much fun!

 We had this little corner in his room between his closet and the bathroom, so we added in a small desk area with fixed shelves. 

{M's Room}

M was too small when we built this home to really have any say, so I decided to have a little fun with it. It all started with the mural I painted on his wall, I found an old paint by number off e-bay from the 70's & decided to mimic it on his wall. Something that I thought would take me a weekend ended up taking 80+ and learn I guess. 

Since his room didn't have a designated space for a window seat we added this built-in desk during the finishing stage, we wanted every room to have a 'feature'.

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